How are my performers selected?

At Earcandy, we believe entertainment can be one of the most memorable and exciting moments at an event, and as such, the quality of the performance is crucial.

The problem.

A sizable amount of the enquiries that we receive are from customers that have been let down last minute (sometimes even on the date of the event itself) by an act from other companies. This cancellation can be for a variety of reasons, most commonly because a band member becomes unwell. For customers, this presents a significant risk, as often at the last moment, it is hard to find a quality act to replace the one you had booked. 

In these situations, some acts will not cancel the booking, but draft in a last-minute ‘dep’ (deputy) performer. If this happens, the performer drafted in will likely be of a lower quality than the ‘regular’ performer with the act, and it is unlikely the dep will be of the right style. This is because the more that the performers work together, typically the more the performance improves, and the act will have limited choices of performers at the last minute.

That’s why we turned the agency model on its head. 

What do we do?

Just like most bands and agencies, we do not guarantee any particular performer. But unlike most agencies, we have taken inspiration from the way that West End Shows work. Earcandy Acts are made up of a pool of handpicked and auditioned interchangeable performers which includes the performers featured on our promotional material. This way, the Act Owner can ensure we have a small pool of regular performers who are similar to those performers featured in our promotional material. 

We allocate an Act Owner (bandleader) for each Act who has significant experience in the music industry. The Act Owner is responsible for ensuring that all performers utilised have the same style and quality as the promotional material. Only a few performers are able to join our pool. They are also responsible for ensuring the Act adheres to our guidelines on attire, stage presence and musical ability. 

How do we control quality?

Not only do we assign an ‘Act Owner’ for each Act, but we also carry out quality control measures. We ask customers for feedback after events and carry out ‘on the ground’ quality control checks to help ensure our customers have a magical experience.

The result.

Working this way can help to ensure that all performers utilised are thoroughly trained, prepared and meet Earcandy’s exacting standards. This way of working helps to avoid the quality problems that occur with last-minute ‘depping’ which happens in the majority of other cover bands and agencies while reducing the chance of last-minute cancellations. 

We receive positive feedback from customers, and we are recommended by some of the most exclusive venues and wedding planners, who understand the importance of getting entertainment right.

Take a look at an example of a recent audition that took place for an Earcandy act:

HubSpot Video

Take a look at a couple of examples of other singers that are part of the Motown Gold pool.